From The Field – Flint’s Quail Hunt

Here you see a picture of Flint from a recent quail hunt.  While the picture is awesome, I want to tell you the quick story. image001  The bird he is retrieving is a single that our shooters flushed.  Because of the quick shot, the bird was winged but still managed to go quite some ways, probably 60 yards, through the pines before going down in some thick stuff.  Flint made a good mark, and the guide asked me to send Flint.  When I lined and sent Flint, he put on a show.  He hit that cover at full speed.  Next thing we saw was the bird flutter up and Flint go airborne after the bird, snatching him out of mid-air.  The photographer with us captured this photo on the return, perfectly illustrating the concentration and intensity I have come to expect from Flint and the Wildrose dogs.   As you can see in the picture, the bird is very much alive and Flint’s soft mouth kept him that way.  This picture is testament to the training you did with him and the validity of the Wildrose Way.

Jonathan Siskey

75th Ranger Regiment

Leesburg, GA

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6 Responses to From The Field – Flint’s Quail Hunt

  1. James R Yinger says:

    What kind of pups do you have this year?

  2. Neil Brackett says:

    Great story, I have experienced some of my own with 3 yr. old, Wildrose yellow female Tanner. The best decision I ever made was to get Tanner started with the Wildrose Way of gundog training.From dove, duck, quail and upland pheasant she addaps well. I’m now finding some interesting pointing skills she has. It will require some extra work and traing but the skill is there.
    Neil Brackett, Charleston S.C.

  3. Gregory Weiler San Juan Capistrano CA says:

    Question for all – Best dog food for season/off season? I’ve been feeding Solid Gold and its great but bankrupting me 🙂

    • We feed Purina ProPlan Focus 30/20 in cold weather when the dogs are working hard. In off season I prefer there 26/16. You can find it at PetSmart, Hollywood Feeds, Tractor Supply and other pet food stores. See the link on our website for more information about these products.

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