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Parmesan Crusted Pheasant Breast; over brown gravy egg noodles with prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Recipe by: Tom Smith, General Manager Wildrose Mississippi Ingredients: 6 pheasant breasts 1 bag egg noodles 2 jars Campbell’s brown chicken gravy 6-8 slices prosciutto 1 bundle asparagus 4 eggs 1 bag of shredded Parmesan Cook and drain approximately one … Continue reading

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Tweed, the Original Camouflage: A Look at Traditional Hunting Attire

By: Dr. Ben W. McClelland Most contemporary American sport hunters wear clothing that’s colored in variousshades of green and brown and patterned with leaves and black tree bark. Our preference of hunting clothes style—camouflage—comes from the military’s ages-old method of … Continue reading

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The Dog Days of Summer

By: Mike Stewart, President of Wildrose International Off-season is a time for renewal for sporting dogs.  Two things to consider: 1) Keep the dog in physical shape 2) Refine skills that are in need of improvement identified last season.  The … Continue reading

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Wildrose S.E.A. System

Written and created by: Guy Billups, Wildrose Texas The long summer looms ahead of us. This is a time for reminiscing on seasons past and tuning up areas in our Gundogs that showed deficiencies.  Also, a conditioning program is in order … Continue reading

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Canine Flu CIV

By: Mike Stewart There are multiple strains of CIV known as canine flu.  The two currently experienced in the US are H3N5 and H3N2.  The H3N2 has been seen in 40 states, most common in Colorado, Florida, New York and … Continue reading

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Wildrose Trainer Profile Series: Steven Lucius, Senior Trainer

By: Dr. Ben McClelland In his comprehensive training book, Sporting Dog and Retriever Training The Wildrose  Way, Mike Stewart discusses the art of canine leadership, pointing out “three parts to becoming an effective, positive leader: communication with the dog, understanding … Continue reading

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Wildrose Carolinas

Wildrose Carolinas is excited to have its first entry in the Wildrose Journal.  Plans are being finalized for our official opening and once they are final, we will be sure to share them with all of the Wildrose Pack.  We … Continue reading

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Bacon Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts

Recipe submitted by Mindy Ladner: Wildrose Retail Associate Ingredients 16oz brussel sprouts 4-6 slices applewood smoked bacon 1-2 Tbsp butter 2-3 Tbsp light brown sugar salt & pepper   Trim stems on brussel sprouts and remove any damaged outer leaves, … Continue reading

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Bacon Wrapped Pheasant

Recipe by: Steven Lucius Senior Trainer Ingredients: Pheasant breasts Thick cut bacon (2 slices per pheasant breast) Directions: Once the meat is cleaned, filet the meat off the breast bone Cute the breast into 1” portions (clean & rinse meat … Continue reading

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The New Arrival

By: Danielle Drewrey Wildrose Trainer II At Wildrose we strive to properly prepare our clients for the integration of their puppy to their current family lifestyle.  The list of what to do and perhaps what not to do is rather … Continue reading

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