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Bacon Wrapped Pheasant

Recipe by: Steven Lucius Senior Trainer Ingredients: Pheasant breasts Thick cut bacon (2 slices per pheasant breast) Directions: Once the meat is cleaned, filet the meat off the breast bone Cute the breast into 1” portions (clean & rinse meat … Continue reading

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The New Arrival

By: Danielle Drewrey Wildrose Trainer II At Wildrose we strive to properly prepare our clients for the integration of their puppy to their current family lifestyle.  The list of what to do and perhaps what not to do is rather … Continue reading

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When Dogs Help Teach: Whitney Drewrey’s Therapy Dog Project at Lafayette Upper Elementary School, Oxford, MS 

By Drs. Ben W. McClelland and Susan S. McClelland At 8:00 a.m. on a recent Monday, I visited Whitney Drewrey’s self-contained, special education 3rd-5th-grade classroom at Lafayette County Upper Elementary School, where seventeen students eagerly wait for reading circle to begin. As in most elementary classrooms, the students are … Continue reading

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