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Farflung Wildrose: Syndicate Actvities (Part One)

By: Dr. Ben McClelland We can find Wildrose dog owner—pack members—across the continent and, indeed, the globe. Within the Wildrose pack is an active group of dog handlers that constitute the Wildrose Syndicate. The dictionary defines syndicate as an association … Continue reading

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Pilot on Board

By: Karen Weir-Jimerson Aah, the joy of a puppy! Our household has a puppy again, so we’ve rolled up the rugs, stowed the leather shoes on the highest closet shelf, and bravely opened up the house to our new fox-red … Continue reading

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A Kaleidoscope of Careers: FTCH Silversnipe Ledgend Luke

By: Erin Davis, Wildrose Kennels – Great Lakes FTCh Silversnipe Legend, better known as Luke, was an accomplished British Field Trial Champion who was imported from Scotland in 2011. He successfully sired puppies internationally and was a primary participant in “Wildrose on the Road” demonstrations across the United States. Luke retired from the breeding and joined my family in 2015. His … Continue reading

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Fried Deer Steaks

Recipe by: Mary Lee Henderson After thawing tenderized deer steaks, soak them in milk overnight. Drain milk the next morning and marinade deer steaks in Italian dressing. Heat oil in skillet on medium heat. (I prefer to use a cast … Continue reading

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Irie Goes To Court

By Dr. Scott Wilson, Director of Wildrose Service Companions We are excited to announce that Wildrose “Irie” is well on her way to becoming the first “Courtroom Dog” in Mississippi.   This summer Wildrose Irie, along with her trainer/handler Bess … Continue reading

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