Farflung Wildrose: Syndicate Actvities (Part One)

By: Dr. Ben McClelland

We can find Wildrose dog owner—pack members—across the continent and, indeed, the globe. Within the Wildrose pack is an active group of dog handlers that constitute the Wildrose Syndicate. The dictionary defines syndicate as an association of persons officially authorized to undertake a duty (Merriam-Webster).

Well, in the Wildrose Pack, Syndicate members are a subgroup of handlers, who participate with their dogs in various Wildrose field activities, such as picking at upland bird shoots, participating in the Wildrose pheasant hunt, volunteering at shows and presentations, etc.

These folks team up with our regional Associate Trainers, such as Tim Clancy (New England Kennels), Craig Korff (North Central), Sarah Barnes (Deep South), Erin Davis (Great Lakes), Travis Facemeyer (Mountain States), and Ryan Alderman (Teton Valley), Guy Cameron Billups (Texas), and Tom Smith (Oxford).

In this part of our discussion of syndicate member activities we feature New Englander Charley Cook and WR Rusty, who does pickup at European Hunts at Addieville East Farm in Mapleville, Rhode Island. Tim Clancy also serves as a guide on Addieville, taking Rusty alongside.

The pictures show Rusty at the scenic eastern coastline. Charley reported that he was sitting on my boat with Rusty when the club had just fired the cannon (for sunset and striking of colors). Rusty perked up, and started looking around. He finally relaxed when Charley said, “No bird.” Charley, says, “Thanks to Tim, Rusty is always ready.” Besides serving as Charley’s trusty gundog, Rusty’s “side activities” include fishing and modeling for a fashion stylists website.

Stay tuned: future parts of “Farflung Wildrose” will feature syndicate members from the other regions of the pack.

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