From The Field – Training The Wildrose Way

Kane is just over 10 months and doing great. As the pictures show, he is a beautiful dog. ImageHe has been through hold conditioning and gun training and did well. I have been working him with feathered bumpers, dead ducks, and dead and live quail. We have been following both Training the Wildrose Way and The Upland gun dog videos along with Mike’s book. All are great tools. This past Saturday we put a lot of this training together and created a simulated quail hunt for Kane. He has been around live birds, both working steadiness and flushes, been shot over, and retrieved dead birds. This was the first time we shot live birds around him with kills, so I was anxious to see his response. We put out 8 birds in multiple areas. Overall we had 10 flushes with purposeful and outright misses for denials and 5 kills with perfect retrieves. His response to each was great and I could not have been more pleased. ImageThis coming Saturday we plan on adding Levi (Ben & Cindy) .

I know you guys get a lot of this but I just wanted to let you how pleased we are. Look forward to seeing you in March at the Handlers Training. 

Judd D. Beech

Gulfport, MS

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