Basic and Advanced Handlers

Come join us for the 20th annual Basic and Advanced Handlers Workshop at Wildrose in beautiful Oxford, Mississippi. Our Basic Handlers Course March 16-17 is an immersion into the Wildrose Way with topics such as pack leadership, pack mentality and the psychology of the sporting dog. This course is split with classroom and field exercises taught by the Wildrose International staff from all 4 locations. 

The Advanced Handlers Course March 18-19 takes the foundational skills learned from the Basic course and steadily increases the complexity and stimulus for the dog and handler duo. We delve into complex drills and the “Why” behind them. This class also includes classroom and field exercises taught and supervised by the Wildrose International staff. 

This course is open to any sporting breed and includes lunch on the grounds. Handlers Course is a fantastic venue to learn more about your dog and The Wildrose Way while spending time with the amazing Wildrose Pack where you will make friends for a lifetime.

Chris Wilke, Wildrose Sailor – photo by Katie Behnke

Chris: “I have attended every Handlers Course since I first picked up Sailor in 2004. I’ve learned something at every event. Sometimes what to do and sometimes what not to do from both trainers and clients. I plan to continue attending while enjoying time with my dog, like-minded people and learning something new.” – Chris Wilke, New Orleans, LA with Sailor, Harken, Jax and Stetson

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Enjoy this gallery from previous Basic and Advance Handlers Workshops:

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