Water Retrieve with 4 1/2 Month Old, WR Tess

This is WR Tess (Otto x Nell) a 4 1/2 month old female making a retrieve from the water. She loves the water. Please notice the aggressive, confident entry Tess already has and the important fact that before doing any retrieves in the water Tess previously learned to return to me and to sit and hold until I take the Dokken. This way the pups continue the good early behaviors learned doing retrieves on land and also allowing us to “shape” that good early hold that Tess has at just a little over 4 months.

Too often we see young pups that are learning to retrieve from the water, without having previously learned the early basic “hold” and good return directly to the handler, and they will stop to shake off as soon as they come out of the water and will spit out the Dokken creating a habit that can be hard to break later on.

Also, please note that Tess sits calm and steady until sent for the retrieve and will return right back to me. This is an example of having each of the skills that are part of retrieving pretty well established before the actual retrieving in the water is begun.

Please remember a few Wildrose Laws that clearly apply here:

Law 3-What is conditioned in your pup between 6 weeks and 6 months won’t go away. You need to imprint the behaviors you want and avoid allowing those you don’t want.

Law 4-Don’t train in behaviors that you will have to try to train out later.

Law 5- This very important one especially when working with young pups: Make haste slowly!!! Don’t be in a rush to push your pup to do tasks when you haven’t properly established the early foundational individual skills that are part of the behavior or performance category you are trying to develop.

Best to you all in your training.

Craig Korff
Wildrose Midwest

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