Wildrose Wyatt

When selecting dogs for broodstock we first look to check off all the health requirements, then we move to the criteria that are less binary and more difficult to quantify. In our breeding program we want dogs that are going to make training easier, or maybe give pups more talent in field at finding game. Every once in a while we come across a dog that elevates our program in both of those areas. Wyatt is one of 6 littermates that I have had the pleasure to train, each of which have been at the top of my charts for temperament and ease. What is unique about these pups is that they started out calm and studious and then with training came growing confidence, boldness and yes some energy, but that channeled energy has produced not only capable but phenomenal game finders in  the field. Wyatt’s sister, Katy, spends her time at Stuart Ranch Outfitters, working the ranch all spring and summer in preparation for busy fall and winter days bringing ducks and geese back to eager hunters. Throw in impeccable health scores and we have the makings of a great dog.

Now how do we know that the dog will produce the pups we are looking for? The tale of the tape is always in the bottom line of a pedigree. Take for instance INT FTCH Beiley’s Aguzannis of Fendawood, his mom, mom’s mom, and mom’s mom’s mom are all FTCH or FTW’s. This strong bottom line is likely why he is a favorite sire across the spectrum of lab breeders out there. He’s not a splash in the pan of a great trainer and a lucky dog coming together. Many dogs have won the British championship, not all have gone on to consistently throw great pups. I think of dogs like Deke the DU Dog, whose mom was a FTW, his sire Kane out of a FTCH, or  INT FTCH Shimnavale Excaliber, titled mom. 

What about legacy dogs, well, the mom line is still the most important line. No titles or tests over here to prove a dog to the standard available in the UK and Ireland. Here we are basing breeding decisions in eyes of the true judge of all dogs, the “breeder.” A dog we have bred ultimately must pass as an exceptional dog to us and our clients. This is why so many people over the years have come back to Wildrose for pups, because they like the dogs we like. A title is only a judge’s opinion at the end of the day and sometimes they are wrong, maybe the dog had a good day that day. As a trainer we spend every day with a dog, if a dog can pass as a worthy dog to breed after being judged everyday then it must be alright. 

So what about Wyatt?? Wyatt’s sire is the great INT FTCH Shimnavale Excalibur who I already mentioned, but the most exciting thing about Wyatt is his mom’s line. Tia is a cross between Deke and Sprint, both bred by Mike Stewart, both exceptional dogs. Sprint’s mom might be the most special of them all. Her mom, Beretta had the distinction in her life of being Mrs. Cathy’s personal dog, and Beretta’s mom, a FTCH. It just doesn’t get any better.

We have been extremely pleased with Wyatt and his pups so far and are very excited for the what the future holds with him.




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