Pecan Triple Scatter

By Guy Billups, Wildrose Texas

guy lining

As we are getting into longer days and longer training sessions, I want to share a new way to run a commonly run drill around Wildrose. The Pecan Triple Scatter piggy backs off the Pecan Triple with the addition of scatters at each pick up. These essentially become permanent blinds by the end of the drill allowing you to get a young dog running back to a familiar area, work on aim toward unseen bumpers, and keep interest and focus.


The Pecan Drill (without scatters)

First you will need three points to use as references to run to. Point A will be set up as a trailing memory with 3 bumpers scattered about the point. Pick one bumper from Point A.

Next walk to Point B and set out 3 more bumpers. Walk back and pick B, then immediately line for A again to pick second bumper from A.

Now walk to point C and set out 3 more bumpers. Walk back and pick C, then B, then C.

Now you should have 1 bumper left at each point.  From here line in whatever order you want, with a focus of aiming your dog and getting a good set up to send from.

Your dog should be running to the area of the fall without handling. If handling is required, back up to trailing memories and Mercedes patterns.

Good luck and hope to see you in the field soon.

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