In Memoriam: Wildrose Gunner Morsus

In Memoriam of Wildrose Gunner Morsus
Whelped 8/27/2005
Died 11/8/2019

Sire: Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn
Dam: Rybrae Baroness of Astraglen


The best companion a family could ask for, Gunner, died after a lengthy illness. Up to the end, he was strong of heart. Gunner’s memory and spirit will live with us forever. In the true British Labrador tradition, Gunner maintained a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity during his three week hospitalization.

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We are forever grateful to the Wildrose family for sharing Gunner with us for 14 years.

Gunner will be sorely missed but not forgotten.

Danny, Sue Ellen, and Alex Wilkerson

Little Rock, AR.




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3 Responses to In Memoriam: Wildrose Gunner Morsus

  1. ,mgarbowsky says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like a wonderful friend and companion. I recently lost my best friend too, so I know the depth of your sadness. Know that others understand and offer you their support. Gunner will live on forever in your hearts.
    Sincerely, Maryanne Garbowsky

  2. Kathleen Stringer says:

    Such nice recognition of a wonderful pet and friend. Like Maryanne in the response above, my husband and I lost our best friend too (August 31, 2019.) It is certainly tough at times to get past the lost of our beloved pets. There is simply nothing like an English Labrador. Ours was so affectionate and civilized and he had an incredible nose too!! So thankful for Wildrose Kennels!!
    My thoughts are with you all.
    Kathleen Stringer
    Big Lake, Louisiana

  3. Danny Wilkerson says:

    Thanks to you both for your heart warming comments. Happy Holiday Season!
    Danny Wilkerson

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