Tips from Texas

By Guy Billups, Wildrose Texas

Tips from Texas is a video series we are putting together to go beyond describing different drills to run with your dog, but also addressing the why behind the drills.

Going back to my football days, I was lucky enough to have a coach that understood and explained that if I recognized WHY a play was going to be successful, I wouldn’t have to commit all the plays to memory. I could simply assess the defense and run the play that would work. I see this theory implemented in the workplace as well. A valued employee is not one that you have to hand hold and give constant instruction. When employees are taught why decisions are made and the driving reasons behind them, they are given the tools empowering them to perform well with any given situation.

These principles transfer to dog training as well. There are no perfect hunting experiences and thus no perfect drill to train your dog for every scenario. Tips from Texas aims to address why a specific element of a drill is done and how it relates to other aspects of training.  Uniquely, Tips from Texas goes one step further to also explain how constant repetition of some drills can erode another part of your dog’s ability or training.

Hopefully by the end of our series you will be either completely paralyzed by the influx of information or empowered to react with a new drill or make up your own drills because you understand the “why” for the drill and how it will work for your dog.

The collection is available on at or Wildrose Texas Instagram.

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