By Mike Stewart, Wildrose International

Ticks have never been popular creatures with people or their dogs.  In fact, I can only think of a couple of species that enjoy ticks… free-range guineas and chickens.  Yum!

We all struggle in warmer months keeping ticks off our dogs.  They are annoying for sure but actually quite dangerous.  In humans, they are responsible for transmitting up to 17 diseases including Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. Their bite, at a minimum, is annoying producing itchy sores in dogs as well as humans which can easily become infected.  If allowed to remain in large numbers on dogs, they can actually lead to paralysis.

There is a wide variety of ticks that prey upon us, even the dreaded tick bomb which is a massive cluster of yearling “deer” ticks (very small) that explode upon contact with an animal or human.  Tick bites contribute to quite a few nasty health problems.  It would be interesting to compare annual deaths in humans to venomous snake bites to tick-related illnesses and deaths.  Our fears may be misplaced.

There are many medical products on the market to terminate ticks should they attach to your dog, but what about those on your dog that are unattached?  These are subject to not only attach themselves but they can also infest your vehicle and home spreading about by your dog.  Here we need a topical that keeps ticks off, a repellent. Many of the repellent shampoo and spray products for fleas and ticks contain dangerous chemicals that should not be ingested by the dog (licking) or exposed to humans (touching).  After research, we suggest using natural repellent products disliked by ticks but not harmful to animals.  Combine a product that repels like Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Spray, available at wildrosetradingcompany.com, with a scheduled flea and tick prevention program, either topical or oral. The repellent is simply prevention, keeping the tick off.  The scheduled treatment takes care of those that attach.

Protection from ticks is important during warm weather field training and adventures in the woods or on trails.  Enjoy a well-protected journey.







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