Pheasant Fricassee on Savory Waffles


Pheasant Fricassee on Savory Waffles

As a frequent visitor and sometime participant in tower shoots, I find my freezer full of frozen pheasant breasts and looking for ways to turn them into easy, delicious meals. With an inspiration from Kirk Parker, I have developed this recipe for pheasant breasts in a slow cooker. 

A fricassee is “a method of cooking meat in which it is cut up and braised, and served with its sauce, traditionally a white sauce.” Julia Child says a fricassee is “halfway between a saute and a stew”. This fricassee includes my secret ingredient veggie, leeks.

scot roxy and dogs

Scott, Roxy, WR Cora, WR Suzy and WR Roxy


1 qt water

¼ cup sea salt

1/8 cup sugar


6 whole pheasant breasts, on the bone

2 tbsp olive oil

1 large or 2 small leeks, chopped and rinsed well to remove sand

1 medium onion

1 bunch scallions

3 celery stalks, plus leaves

2 large or 4 small carrots

4 sweet red mini-peppers

4 cloves garlic

1/3 chopped fresh parsley

1 can Healthy Choice cream of chicken soup

1 can Healthy Choice cream of mushroom soup

1 packet chicken gravy mix

1 packet ranch dressing mix

½ tsp crushed red pepper flakes

½ tsp dried thyme


1 recipe Bisquick waffles, olive oil substituted for vegetable oil

½ cup grated parmesan cheese (hand-grated parmesan regiano is best)

3 tbsp chopped fresh chives (or 2 tbsp dried chives)



  1. To prepare the brine, heat about 2 cups water to almost boiling, dissolve salt and sugar, and dilute to 1 quart with ice cubes and cold water. Pour cool brine over pheasant breasts to cover. Use more brine as needed to cover the pheasant. Thaw the pheasant ahead of time or in the brine. Brine the meat about 4 hours or until thawed. Remove pheasant from the brine and drain while preparing the slow cooker.

brining pheasnt

  1. Clean and chop vegetables and garlic. A reliable method to clean leeks is to chop, wash in a bowl of cool water and drain. To make the sauce, whisk together the canned soups, gravy and dressing mixes, crushed red pepper, chopped garlic, and dried thyme.
    Place the olive oil in the bottom of a 6 qt slow cooker. (My slow cooker is round, but oblong might work better for this recipe.) If you have olive oil infused with a flavor such as rosemary, this adds a depth of flavor to the finished dish. Add a little more than half of the chopped vegetables and toss to coat with oil. Place the drained pheasant breasts on the bed of vegetables; cover with a little more than half the sauce. Add the remaining vegetables, sprinkle with more olive oil, and top with the remaining sauce. Set the slow cooker to high and cook for 4 hours, stirring and moving the pheasant breasts occasionally. After about 3 hours of cooking, incorporate chopped parsley into the sauce and finish cooking.

When very soft but not quite falling off the bone, remove the pheasant breasts from the sauce.Allow to cool, then remove the meat from the bones and discard the bones.

Prepare the waffle batter with olive oil (flavored if you want). Add parmesan cheese and chives and whisk to combine. Bake the waffles in a waffle iron.

To serve, arrange 2 pieces of waffle on a plate, add lots of pulled pheasant breast, and top with sauce. Add chopped chives and parsley to garnish, if desired. Yumo!


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