Group Work Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, at any given Wildrose location, you can find trainers and owners working together. Group-work Wednesday is a staple in the Wildrose way of training. It encourages dogs, and trainers, of all ages and skill levels to develop steadiness, patience, and socialization skills that are necessary when working with work

There are many bad habits that dogs can develop that are annoying to hunters in field or blind and that are undesirable to a family in the home. Repetition and consistency are the key to creating a predictable habit. Several desirable habits can be created through group work, just as bad habits can be addressed and corrected.  The purpose of group work is to create good habits that are predictable.  We believe this is much more effective than trying to break bad habits.  As the saying goes, old habits die hard and it can be very frustrating for dogs and handlers.

Training scenarios are varied every week and are adjusted to suit the needs of the subjects in training and their skill level.  It is important to remember that we train dogs and not test them. In addition to utilizing group work to train with other dogs and handlers, it provides access to a different environment, which is important to develop a well-rounded dog.


Wildrose Carolinas has a tremendous variety of training environments and habitat in one place. The site consists of 250 acres of timber and open fields and 12 unique water sources. The Wildrose Way is to teach new skills by completing it successfully 5 times in 5 different locations while you “train the way you play” (pg 37). Mike refers to this principle quite often in his book.

Wildrose Carolinas has been open since June of 2018. We encourage you to join us for Group-work Wednesdays. For more information, please contact Kim at info@wildrosecarolinas.comor 919-500-8797. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Group-work!

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