Wildrose-Purina Pro Plan Emmy Award

Nick Snotot

Nicholas Stroot Mid-America EMMY Award in the category of Director-Post Production

The Wildrose-Purina testimonial productions were recently recognized with an Emmy!  Nicholas Stroot received the Mid-America EMMY Award in the category of Director-Post Production.  Nick Stroot along with Emily Narkiewicz Puricelli and Renee Walsh with Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, did a fanatic job on the editing process. We are very proud of the results and this significant achievement!

These productions have been utilized in advertising for Purina Pro Plan during the Westminster Dog Show, the video-tron at Madison Square Gardens during Westminster Dog Show, NBC’s Incredible Dog Challenge Finals and in the upcoming National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day.



The productions were aired at the Emmy Awards ceremony.

The Wildrose-Pro Plan award winning Productions.

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2 Responses to Wildrose-Purina Pro Plan Emmy Award

  1. Juan José Alfaro Mendoza says:

    Mike Stewart is a great leader of an extraordinary team, is practical, simple and humble. He’s a great human and transmits security, knowledge to the people that teaches and works with him. Mike Stewart’s legancy should not be lost any reason. Extensive congratulations and a big hug all his team for their Wins an Emmy Wildrose.

  2. Steve & Kathy Christian says:

    Congratulations to Mike Stewart & Wildrose Kennels! We’re fortunate & proud to have been associated w/ Wildrose for the past 17 years. Looking forward to continuing that relationship forever. Purina Pro-Plan has been our pups food ever since we were introduced to it by Mike.

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