Wildrose Great Lakes Expedition

Diverse displays of the Wildrose Way

Great Lakes Expedition banner_edited-1

An exciting August opportunity is ahead on the sandy shores of the southern tip of Lake Michigan!

Erin Davis, Associate Trainer of Wildrose Kennels – Great Lakes, has a full weekend of events planned to truly exemplify all the joys that training the Wildrose way can bring.

Therapy Dog Registration
Evaluations for Therapy Dog Registration will be offered by appointment only on August 17th and 20th in Valparaiso, Indiana. Though Wildrose staff will be on site to support the participants, this is not a training event. These dates are being offered as an alternative evaluation site for our northern regional pack members. The dates are open to Wildrose and non-Wildrose dogs alike.

Basic qualifications for the dog includes a solid foundation in obedience and socialization. Additionally an online course must be completed by the handler prior to the test.

For more information on our therapy dog program collaboration with Pet Partners visit www.petpartners.com.

To discuss the program, prerequisites for evaluation, or make an appointment please contact Scott Wilson, Wildrose Service Companion Director at srwilson@uklabs.com.

HRC Hunt Test
Looking for a new goal for your hunting dog or a different way to evaluate your current field training status?

Kankakee River Hunting Retriever Club is hosting their fall UKC licensed regular hunt test on August 18th and 19th at Grand Kankakee Marsh in Hebron, Indiana.

This is a testing event offered by a local hunt club which is open to the public. Associate Trainer, Erin Davis will be on site both days to support our Wildrose pack members participating in the test and assist those interested in learning more about the hunt test process.

Event information can be found at http://www.huntingretrieverclub.org/PREMIUMS/2018_Premiums/August/Kankakee-River-8-18-18.pdf
To register for the test go to https://www.huntsecretary.com/

Adventure Dog Merit Verification
For pack members coming to the area for either or both of the above listed events, skills for the merits of the adventure dog program can be verified in person by request.

Contact Associate Trainer, Erin Davis for the specific merits needed to advance your certification. Arrangements for access to areas around scenic Northwest Indiana will be made to complete the specific merits requested.

Dates will be planned pre and post therapy evaluations and hunt tests. Times will vary based on location, merits requested, and number of participants.

Go to www.wildrosetradingcompany.com to order your Adventure Dog Program packet and start earning your badges today!

Contact Us
For more information about these events and additional local information please contact Erin Davis at erin@uklabs.com or 219-928-0621. Additionally you can follow her pack on Facebook and Instagram by searching “Wildrose Kennels – Great Lakes.”

Great Lakes Expedition_edited-1

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