Wildrose Carolinas – Open June 2018

Wildrose International is pleased to announce its latest, full-service facility located  20 minutes north of Hillsborough, NC at 9851 NC Hwy 86, Mebane, NC 27302.

Wildrose Carolinas is located on 250 acres of wildlife habitat in Southern Caswell County, NC.  The development of the properties and facilities began in June with temporary facilities.

Construction is underway on a 40 x 100 sf covered complex with over 30 individual pens and a full service healthcare center dedicated to the comfort and care of dogs in training.  This building will be complete in early August 2018.

The extensive training grounds will consist of every type of hunting and training habitat  necessary for the development of sporting dogs including 12 ponds, a 10-acre lake, rolling topography and two miles of trails and roads.  Dogs can be trained in every kind of enviorment one could encounter in the field or on trail.

See photos below for a sampling of the Wildrose Carolinas facility.

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Wildrose Carolinas offerings:

  • Training
    • Backgrounding (crate, place, housebreaking, walking on lead)
    • Basic Obedience
    • Gundog training for waterfowl and upland pursuits
    • Adventure Dog training for the active family that wants to include their dog
  • Boarding of all Sporting dog breeds
    • All dogs boarded will be availed to our SEA system daily:
      • Strength
      • Endurance
      • Agility
      • Mental stimulation
    • Production
      • Black, Yellow and Fox Red puppies available (2019) as well as started and finished labradors
    • Events
      • Workshops open to all breeds
        • Starting your dog the Wildrose Way
        • Obedience
        • Basic and advanced gundog
        • Basic and Advanced handlers – we train you to train your dog
        • Adventure Dog Rendezvous

Our Staff:

Shawn Yates, Manager and Head Trainer, Wildrose Carolinas


Photo by: Katie Behnke

Shawn is originally from Southern Virginia and is the Manager and Head Trainer at Wildrose Carolinas. Shawn attended Virginia Tech where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science. Following college, he moved to Florida where he was responsible for habitat management and guiding upland hunts on a 6,500-acre plantation. Shawn began training sporting dogs discovering his passion.  In August of 2017, Shawn joined the Wildrose staff in Oxford where he trained for 4 months.   During this apprenticeship, Shawn was immersed in the Wildrose Way and quickly earned the respect of the Wildrose team.  While in Oxford, Shawn had the opportunity to work with dogs in all disciplines and stages of development.  Shawn has the capability to apply the full scope of the Wildrose Way training programs and health care systems at Wildrose Carolinas.  He is well versed in the gundog, obedience, and adventure dog programs. In addition, Shawn experienced multiple training seminars, puppy delivery days and the signature Double Gun event in Oxford.  Shawn understands the Wildrose methodology and brings the excellent services of Wildrose Kennels to the Carolinas.

Shawn is married to Kim Yates who has vast experiences with health protocols for all sporting dogs. She, too, will be an excellent complement to the Wildrose Carolinas operation.


Kim Yates – Retail and Healthcare Manager, Wildrose Carolinas

kim and pup.jpg

Kim Yates is from Madison Virginia and is our Retail and Healthcare Specialist. Kim grew up showing Labradors and Beagles. This encouraged her love of animals and she quickly began working with any species and breed she could. She has a vast background pertaining to animal care and attended Virginia Tech where she studied Animal Sciences. Kim moved to Florida with Shawn after getting married and was responsible for the health and records of approximately 20,000 head of cattle. After moving back to the area from Florida, Kim began working for an animal hospital and taking classes towards obtaining her veterinary technician license. She trained at the Oxford location from February to May of 2018 experiencing everything from whelping litters and monthly health checks to puppy picking. She looks forward to working closely with the dogs in training to maintain the best health possible.


Kirk Parker – Owner of Wildrose Carolinas


Kirk is an entrepreneur and business owner from Raleigh, NC.  He is involved in all aspects of Wildrose Carolinas.  In 2015, Kirk purchased his first Wildrose dog (Wildrose Gamble – Fox Red male). Over the last three years, he has trained using the principles of the Wildrose Way.  Kirk believed that there was an opportunity to bring the Wildrose experience to the Carolinas and in early 2017 approached Mike Stewart about doing so.  Timing is everything and now Wildrose Carolinas is a reality bringing the Wildrose experience to the Carolinas.  Kirk grew up hunting and training all types of hunting dogs and is passionate about the sporting lifestyle and particularly enjoying those pursuits with his dogs.

Please get in touch with us and come see all that is available for your sporting lifestyle at the Wildrose Carolinas location.

Please contact Kim Yates if you want to book your dog for training or boarding.  Or bring your dog to our facility for some group work and tour our facility.

Kim Yates
(919) 500-8797

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