Wildrose Dixie Belle

by: Jack Perkins

I’m writing to let you know that I laid Dixie to rest yesterday.   She left me far too early.

I mainly write you to tell you what a wonderful dog she was and to thank you for providing her to me. I have had three previous labs (all good dogs) but Dixie was my first British and by far the grandest of all in many ways…..  She trained easy and fast.

She was quiet and steady. In fact, we only heard her bark a few times in her life. She paid no attention to other extraneous of peripheral activities, other dogs or people when she was at heel with me or in a stay position. She never took her eyes off me and would stare me to death if I was looking at her. She loved hunting, loved to retrieve. Her best hunt was two years ago South of Rolling Fork.  Dr. Brad Dickerson of New Orleans was in our group of 5. Brad trained dogs in Oxford while he was a student at Ole Miss.  That weekend, in two hunts, Dixie retrieved 41 ducks.  All agreed that we did not lose a single downed duck.  Brad commented that it was the best hunting retrieving performance he had ever seen. However, I learned that it was too much and too hard for one weekend. Dixie was so sore she could hardly get around for several days after.  I never let her make more than 5 or 6 retrieves after that. (Probably because that was all we downed).

I had trained her to retrieve my bedroom slippers.  Often when guests were at the house, I would have her leave the living room and go to the back of the house into the closet (usually dark) and retrieve my slippers, she would bring one then she would go get the other. Guests were amazed.

Attached a couple of photos, both on outings with Mike.  One was at one of the two Double Gun events we attended.  There was a light dusting of snow that morning.  The other was a couple years ago at a tower shoot where we were picking for the hunting guests. Dixie and I enjoyed all the events we attended at Wildrose.

I’ll someday be back to Wildrose to pick another pup.

Dixie was much more than just a great friend, she was like a child to me. I loved her and she loved me. I will miss her.

A fabulous British Lab. No other way to go.



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2 Responses to Wildrose Dixie Belle

  1. Bill says:

    Jack, very nice memorial. I’ve been there before and understand both the joy and the loss of a fine retriever. B

  2. Cochran says:

    Our lab is Wildrose Lady of Dixie, great name and great dog. She is our third lab, first from Wildrose, and we will be back for another. Great story.

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