Wildrose Associate Trainers

With multiple clients in all 50 states and every Canadian province, Wildrose has always embraced outreach as a means to provide services to our “Pack” by conducting regional seminars and through our unique training of Associate Trainers.  In addition to our home base in Oxford, Mississippi, Wildrose operates satellite training facilities in NW Arkansas, Colorado, Teton Valley, and soon to open in Texas.  Our most unique approach to outreach has been through our team of associate trainers scattered by regions across the country.  The sole purpose of the Associate Program is to provide training and boarding support for our client base universal performed identically to “Wildrose Way” standards.  These forward deployed sites are indeed extensions of Wildrose representing our training methodology, commitment to client services and promotion of our sporting lifestyle culture.

Many clients have met our associate trainers over the years through the services or at training/demonstration events.  The associates have developed their own Facebook accounts to share the Wildrose activities and experiences occurring regionally.  We invite you to visit their links… like, follow and share.  The Wildrose Journey continues:

Wildrose Kennels – North Central – Craig Korff

Wildrose New England Kennels – Tim Clancy

Wildrose Kennels  – Great Lakes – Erin Davis

Wildrose Kennels – Rocky Mountains – Clinton Hinebaugh

Wildrose Kennels – Deep South – Sarah Barnes

Wildrose Kennels – Mountain State – Travis Facemyer

Wildrose Teton Valley – Ryan Alderman

Wildrose Texas – Guy Cameron Billups

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2 Responses to Wildrose Associate Trainers


    My Wildrose Lucy is in need of better training that I can give. Does the Texas Associate Trainer, Guy Cameron Billups, help with this training? I live in Brenham, Texas. Lucy is almost 2 years old now. Elen Moncrieff at elenmoncrieff@gmail.com

    • wrbenmac says:

      Hi there Elen!
      We would love to work with you on getting Lucy the proper training. The tentative plan is for the Texas facility to open August, 2017. Please e mail us info@uklabs.com for furter information.

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