Wildrose Teton Valley, Idaho

by: Mike Stewart

Wildrose will open its third satellite training facility this summer in the Teton Valley, just outside the town of Tetonia, ID, in association with Blixt & Co., Driven Shooting in the West.  Wildrose will offer world-class gundog development on the superb grounds of the most authentic driven shoot in North America.  Participants will benefit from the most intensive retriever training program available for finished work outside the United Kingdom.


Photo from Blixtco.com

The Wildrose training staff, forward deployed directly from the Oxford site, will operate basic and advanced retriever courses at the estate grounds of Blixt & Co. June through November annually.  Each dog will experience a diversity of rugged terrain, massive gunfire exposure and unmatched opportunities for pheasant and partridge recovery on both driven shoots and rough-shooting walkups.  Wildrose clients with dogs in the Northwestern states will now have a regional trainer available to provide services.

Picking Up
Participation in the majesty of an authentic European/UK style driven shoot is hard to imagine for many dog handlers.  Just marking all the birds dropping from skies filled with birds in flight each taken by one of the eight guns blazing simultaneously in close proximity is extremely challenging.  In an environment where game recovery is paramount and retriever steadiness is essential, handlers are engaged at all times with six drives daily, eight guns active on each.  The action is intense for retrievers and handlers alike.
After shooting season ends in November, our onsite trainer returns to Wildrose in Oxford to continue training gundogs and making preparations for the next year’s activities in the Northwest.
Picking-up opportunities may be scheduled for handlers with dogs in training. Also, Wildrose clients may visit as guest pickers with their retrievers which are performing at the seasoned/advanced level.  We offer both long-term and short-term training programs for Wildrose dogs exclusively.  On a shooting day, picking teams and dogs in training will experience thousands of birds in flight with bags of 300-450 downed birds affording unparalleled sporting dog experiences.

Picking Teams

Used from blixtco.com

Photo from Blixtco.com

Clients may participant as pickers on shooting dates at no cost.  Wildrose will establish another Regional Pickers Syndicate in the Northwest.  This is a team of well-trained dogs and handlers that may be called upon for field support as we have established in both the Mid-South and New England areas.


Contact Ryan Alderman, Wildrose gundog trainer, for availability, ryan@uklabs.com.

  • Basic Gundog Training
  • Seasoned Retriever Development
  • Finished Retriever Refinement
  • Pick-up Opportunities
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1 Response to Wildrose Teton Valley, Idaho

  1. Nick S says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity for a finished retriever. Someday, I’d like to make it to Blixt & Co. as a picker. However, I’m in Upstate NY and I’ll be picking up one of your puppies very soon. I was hoping you’d be able to provide more information on the New England area Picking Team? Thanks!

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