Strike-Back Training: Upland Gundog Combinations

by: Mike Stewart

Wildrose returns to its roots with a previously popular upland gundog training program for pointing/retriever combination training:  Strike-Back.  This Wildrose Way process involves training the Wildrose Lab with the client’s own pointing gundog.  The training involves developing both dogs simultaneously to work together afield as a team with one’s strengths and skills actually complementing the effort without interference, without distraction.


For over a decade, Wildrose has had a Pointer on “staff” to offer each bird-dogretriever exposure to working with pointing breeds:  steady to flush, backing, recovery of birds down and especially ignoring the activities of the Pointers while remaining focused on their jobs.  These training activities continue weekly today as part of our normal developmental processes both for basic and advanced retrievers.


The Strike-Back option allows a client’s dogs that will be fielded together to be trained together in realistic hunting environments.  Bird options may include pigeon, quail, partridge, and pheasant.  Combination training will involve the valuable skills of:

  • Quartering, flushing and striking a flush
  • Steady to flush
  • Hunting for game recovery
  • Backing the point
  • Steady on flush
  • Wagon dog acclimation


bird-dog-2Naturally, obedience and civil behaviors will be emphasized for both team members, qualities necessary for any Gentleman’s Gundog.  The result:  a well-balanced team of sporting dogs gifted at bird location and recovery.

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2 Responses to Strike-Back Training: Upland Gundog Combinations

  1. Shawn Ceranic says:

    I wasn’t clear…this a “road show”, video, or book option. Or is something where a dog is sent to your facility? I have an English Cocker puppy and this is the exact idea that I’m hoping for to work with my pointers. There are plenty of resources on flushing/retrievers. I have found nothing on training together and would love more information.

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