Wildrose Events


A quick glance at the 2017 lineup of workshops and destination events.  There is so much to see and do when one join the Wildrose Pack.  A tribe of followers with a passion for sporting dogs and the outdoor lifestyle.

Starting Your Dog the Wildrose Way – January 14 and April 1, Wildrose Kennels, Oxford, MS
This course focuses on starting your retriever (all breeds) on the proper path to becoming a well-rounded, hunting or adventure partner. Gentle, highly repetitive methods are used to show you step-by-step how to start your youngster from crate training to lining retrieves. Topics include obedience, steadiness, promoting calm behaviors, patience, introduction to birds, memories, doubles, early marks, reading your pup, k-9 demeanor and much more. Participants are invited to bring their dog to work with and will have the opportunity to handle a variety of different dogs at various levels of training if they choice, a real hands-on opportunity. (All breeds welcome).

January 28 – Wildrose Pheasant Continental Wingshoot, George Hi Plantation, Garland, NC. George Hi Plantation will host 12 Wildrose seasoned dogs and wingshooters for an exciting pheasant European-style wingshooting weekend.  George Hi Plantation has been hunting quail on the same grounds since 1855. Optional quail hunts may be booked separately before and after the event date.  Contact Penny at 910-564-5860 or hunt@georgehi.comwww.georghiplantation.com

DAMES, DOGS & DUCKS – March 3 to 5, Wildrose Kennels, Oxford, MS
Join us for a unique sporting experience for ladies only: Training for wingshooting, handling hunting dogs and skills for the field and marsh. All instruction will be presented by women who are masters at their skills. This course is based upon the popular Wildrose Waterfowl and Upland Academy previously offered. Three training blocks will cover hunting skills in practical field situations.

  • Decoying
  • Duck calling
  • Brushing blinds
  • Appropriate hunting attire
  • Upland hunting situations involving walk ups, pointing and flushing gundogs
  • Retriever training
  • Handling tips
  • Realistic gundog transitional field exercises

The event includes lunch Saturday and Sunday and a Saturday evening dinner on the grounds. Dogs can be provided by Wildrose if required. Bring along your shotguns, shells, rain gear, and water boots.

Basic Handler’s Workshop  – March 16, 17 at Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, MS and April 6, 7 at George Hi Plantation, Garland, NC
This Basic Handler’s Workshop will cover the Wildrose method of handling sporting dogs-obedience to hand signals. Emphasis is on developing the handler’s skills. Focus topics: canine behaviors, reading your dog, delivery, whistle commands, steadiness, handling, hunting cover, and lining, all based on Wildrose balanced training principles.

Advanced Handler’s Workshop – March 18, 19 at Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, MS and April 8, 9 at George Hi Plantation, Garland, NC                                                The Advanced Handler’s Workshop will focus on the Wildrose positive methods for advanced sporting dog handling, both upland and waterfowl, hand signals to blinds. Emphasis will be on developing handlers’ skills for transitional training and hunting situations based on the unique Wildrose training principles. Topics include: handling on water, advanced steadying drills, upland walk ups, lining on multiples, memories (circle) and blinds. A transitional training exercise will be conducted to add an element of realism. Participants will need a dog that is familiar with hand signals. Bring waders, duck calls, rain gear and shotgun with several box of light load shells.
Adventure Dog Training Course – April 21 to 23 Wildrose Arkansas, Jasper, Arkansas
Our unique training course for the dogs of outside adventures is the first of its kind. Dogs of the trail need specialized training just as do gundogs given the unusual activities they may encounter. Training for dogs to complement an active family’s lifestyle: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, camping, running, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, etc. Dog training for K9 companions that will prepare them to go anywhere. (open to all dogs)

This course also addresses all the necessary skills sets for Adventure Dog Certification for Trail Rated. Topics will include: control on trail, retrieving, gunfire, fording streams, biking, kayaking, fishing, shed hunting and quite a long list of sub skills needed to create a superb outside companion for adventurers.

Register for these and other exciting courses at http://wildrosetradingcompany.com/collections/wildrose-events.

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