Meet the Newest Wildrose Staff

As 2016 draws to a close, we wanted to share with our subscribers a few of the exciting additions that occurred at Wildrose over the past year.  We will also allude to a few upcoming programs in this edition but complete explanations will be reserved for the January/February 2017 issue which is shaping up to be a big one.

Some of our opportunities for clients and our tribe of followers include new workshops, more opportunities for destination travel, expanded training programs and exciting technologies.  All are on the way to further enhance the Wildrose experience and we are excited!!  Be ready to get trained, get outfitted, and get out there… the “Wildrose Way.”

First, we would like to introduce new staff members that joined us in 2016:

Bryan Hargrove, Trainerbryan-hardgrove

Bryan is originally from Virginia and is a retired U.S. Army veteran with over twenty years of experience. He obtained his Associates degree in General Education from Central Texas College and earned numerous Information technology certifications during his military service. Bryan completed his military career as a Special Operations communications instructor. Previous to his arrival at Wildrose, Bryan was the head guide and dog trainer with an Orvis-endorsed wingshooting lodge.  Bryan’s leadership experiences in the military and those gained from his work through upland hunting services has enabled him to easily adapt to training gundogs, both pointers and retrievers, the Wildrose Way.  Bryan expands Wildrose training opportunities to include pointing breeds balanced to work with Wildrose retrievers.  This specialty course affords wingshooting enthusiasts the opportunity to field gundog teams trained for pointing, flushing and retrieving. Upland combination gundogs trained together, The Wildrose Way.

kelli-smKelly Hargrove, Hospitality Coordinator

Kelly is an extremely versatile and talented team member with Wildrose.  She serves as hospitality coordinator for Wildrose events and lodging and is cross-assigned as a health care specialist supporting Wildrose health care programs.  Previously, Kelly was the food and beverage manager of a major ski resort in Pennsylvania. Kelly came to us from North Carolina where she gained experience first as the estate’s kennel manager then served as a food and beverage manager for an Orvis-endorsed wingshooting lodge.  Kelly is an active participant our Fly & Deliver and Puppy Backgrounding programs.

Ryan Alderman, Trainerryan-wr

Ryan joined the Wildrose training staff in 2016.  Originally from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, he advanced his education at the University of Mississippi majoring in Sports and Recreational Administration.  As a Wildrose trainer, Ryan directs Wildrose training services in the Teton Valley for six months of the year in association with the renowned Blixt & Company driven shooting estate in Tetonia, Idaho.  Ryan is charged with onsite kennel operations, training, and directing the gundog program and staff for picking up and roughshooting on behalf of Wildrose and Blixt & Company.  Ryan extends the Wildrose Way for basic gundog, seasoned and finished retriever training to the Northwest further broadening our services to clients and their Gentleman’s Gundogs

facemyerTravis Facemyer, Associate Trainer, West Virginia

Travis is from West Columbia, West Virginia, where he owns and operates Facemyer Lumber Company.  He is an avid wingshooter, hunting all over the country and Canada every year with Wildrose Rogan, Wildrose Faolain and his Vizsla, Piros.  Travis is a member of the Appalachian Valley Chapter of North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association, a pointing dog organization that sponsors “Hero’s Tribute Hunt” for disabled veterans.  Travis bought his first Wildrose Labrador in 2011 and since he has been a constant participant and instructor at Wildrose workshops. He became a Wildrose Associate Trainer for the West Virginia region of the country in 2016.

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