Wildrose Photo Contest 2016

contest-picThis year we introduced a new contest on our Wildrose Kennels Facebook Page that showcased over 200 adventure dog photos! The contest was launched mid-summer and ended mid-September and was open to all breeds of dogs.  Followers of Wildrose Instagram and Facebook were challenged to capture their best adventure photo with their dog and use the hashtag “#wrphotocontest2016.”  Followers were also informed that the winner of the contest would win Wildrose merchandise along with a feature on our page and in the Wildrose Journal! Each week there were spectacular, one-of-a-kind pictures submitted and picking a winner was extremely difficult.


After taking votes from all of the Wildrose Kennels Oxford staff, a photo submitted by @floyd_the_vizsla was declared the winner. floyd-the-visla-ad The action shot of Floyd jumping across a stream over rocks surely deserved the title of “best adventure photo.”  Floyd was contacted and asked questions about his life as an adventure dog:

“Floyd The Vizsla – @floyd_the_vizsla

I’m a Hungarian (Magyar) Vizsla!

My birthdate is June 14th, 2014, so I’m a little over two years old. I was born in Benson, Utah and now live in the mountains near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington.

My human (lovingly) calls me the ‘Discount’ dog. I was the last male chosen from my litter, primarily because I don’t really have a good bird drive. But that’s okay, my human thinks I make a good friend anyway.

I go on so many adventures! We hike somewhere every single day, even if it is just in the mountains near my home. My first adventure with my adopted dad was when I was just eight weeks old. He picked me up in Utah, and we took a road trip to Indiana. Over the next two weeks, we hung out with family in Indiana and then visited the Badlands National Park on our drive home.

Once I got old enough, we started to hike-a lot! In 2015, I took my dad on over 1800 miles of hikes, 600 miles of snowshoeing, and we summited 64 mountains in four different states.
I even made it to the top of a 12,281 foot tall stratovolcano – Mt. Adams in the Cascades Mountains of Washington.

This year our adventures have been different. We live in the middle of the forest, and in the winter we have to snowshoe or take a snowcat to commute in and out. So, this summer I’ve had to supervise my human while he prepares for winter (snowcat rebuild, splitting wood, etc). With an average snowfall of 430 inches per year, I have to make sure he’s ready. We’re still hiking, but not as frequent. We did take our normal summer road trip. We visited Indiana, then the Badlands, Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon, the Grand Tetons, and took a five day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. We also took trips this summer to Mt. Baker, Mt. Pilchuck, the Olympic National Park and numerous trips into the Teanaway in Central Washington. Almost all of our adventures involve mountain tops and alpine lakes.

What do we have planned?
Plenty of snowshoeing near our home this winter. Then, next summer we hope to summit Mt. St. Helens, Mt Adams (again), and then spend a week exploring in the North Cascades. For the most part, our adventures are spontaneous. I’ll convince my human to explore a new forest service road just to see where we’ll end up.  –Floyd

There will be more from Floyd the Vizsla as we will follow him on his journey to becoming an official Wildrose Adventure Dog. floyd

Keep up with all things adventure; @wildrosekennels, @wildroseroaming and @kind2dogs.

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