Join Us In A Publishing Venture about Wildrose Adventure Dogs

Dear Adventure Dog Folks:

Will you join us in a publishing venture about Wildrose Adventure Dogs?

Since Wildrose Kennels founded the Adventure Dog training program in 2008 and officially launched its Adventure Dog Certification program in mid-June, 2010, participant interest and activity have been very enthusiastic, to say the least. You and your dog have contributed to the program’s development. We’d like to share the stories of some adventure dogs and their owners.

Because you and your dog are active in our Adventure Dog Program, we are writing to invite you to participate in a series of Wildrose Journal articles featuring Adventure Dogs and their owners.

We would like to begin publishing stories with the next issue. Here’s how we suggest that we proceed with this project. Those of you who are interested can draft notes about your experiences with your dog and submit them to us. We’ll work on editing them into a series of Journal articles (from about 900 to 2500 words each).

Here are some things to consider in drafting your notes:

  • First, you may introduce your dog and tell a little bit about getting your dog, training it, and any significant points you’d like to share about you and your family’s life with your dog. Familiarize us with your dog’s history with you.
  • Second, you may explain your interest in the Adventure Dog Program. How did you and your dog begin in the program? What activities do you do? What journeys or interesting outdoor travels have you taken?  What merits are you working on or have you and your dog achieved? How do you work with your dog to develop the set of sub-skills that build to success in an activity?
  • Third, you may narrate a story about you and your dog, focusing on “a day in the life” or you may want to tell about achieving one particular milestone, or tell about a favorite pastime for your dog and you.
  • Fourth, explain how the adventure dog activities have strengthened the bond between you and your dog.
  • Fifth, discuss your future goals with your dog.
  • Finally, please include high-quality photos of your dog and you including some of your dog on location as you travel or action shots as you work toward some merits.

Will you join in this venture? Please reply to this email and let us know whether you’re interested. If you are interested, please let us know when you can submit some drafted notes to us. In order to put together a story for the next issue, we would need drafts submitted in a few weeks. Those of you who need more time may send material for later issues.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Ben McClelland and Danielle Drewrey

Wildrose Kennels

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