Billups Coffee

5f075124db06462dbb64b7b734da8797Wildrose Gus (Deke x Mira) joined the Billups family December of 2015. Living in Oxford, Mississippi we are fortunate enough to be right in the backyard of Wildrose’s beautiful property and talented trainers. We quickly began attending training seminars that winter and you better believe a fresh cup of coffee accompanied us to each training session. As our friendship grew with Mike, he inquired about the Billups Coffee we always seemed to have with us and pressed us on how and why we started the company. The truth is our passion and slight addiction to coffee partnered with the family history made Billups coffee come easy.

History: Billups Petroleum was founded in Mississippi in the late 1940s along with the slogan ” Fill-Up with Billups” which depicted a friendly signature handshake. In the ’50s and ’60s the business grew to include gas stations throughout the southern states and east coast allowing travelers to pull over and fill up when they saw the now well-recognized slogan and friendly handshake. All good things in life have an expiration date and around the mid ’60s Billups Petroleum was purchased by various entities including Charter Marketing, Citgo and Exxon.

Billups Coffee: We had always wanted to do something to memorialize our family history and that partnered with our coffee passion lead to Billups Coffee. From there the ideas flowed smoothly (pun intended). To play off of Billups Petroleum we decided on launching the line with three different types of coffee ‘Premium’, ‘Regular’, and ‘High Octane’. Mike enjoyed the history and of course a good cup of coffee. After sampling all 3 types, he now supports the Billups Coffee which can be found in the Wildrose shop, Wildrose Trading Company as well as online at

Billups Coffee Iced Cocktail Brew Billups Coffee as usual, let cool. Pour coffee into ice trays and freeze. Place frozen coffee cubes in a glass and pour your favorite……Kahlua, Bailey’s, Disaronno, etc.

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