In the Field: Wildrose Sako


After many years of waterfowl hunting my wife decided that I needed a good retriever, so Annetta started doing research and made a call to Cathy Stewart to discuss both a hunting dog, but equally important a household companion. Cathy offered us a pick of several Sires and Dams however suggested a Kane and Dot puppy for people who had never had any experience training a retriever for the field. It took approximately 10 months of waiting to get that long awaited call from Cathy that there was a litter of 5 females to choose from and we would have 3rd pick. Annetta did the majority of the training due to my work schedule, and followed Mike’s “The Wildrose Way” to a tee. Ok maybe there was a lot of indiscriminate petting along the way which wasn’t listed in the book, but who can help not hugging on such adorable creatures.

sako3This is Sako’s 3rd year in the field hunting and you can really tell her maturity has set in over that time. Sako does extremely well on water retrieves with ducks or geese, depending on the size and amount of life left in a large goose struggles a little in a field. On top of her retrieving the biggest compliment I get from people I hunt with are the manners that Sako has in a confined blind being quiet and staying on place. Living on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay Sako may be out in the bay hunting divers for hours on end one day and in a field blind the following week. Once again Mike’s way to train with tie out and place training goes a long way as a dog matures and obedience goes a long way when hunting. With that being said Annetta spent hours on end on the phone with Tim Clancy an associate trainer for Wildrose in Boston getting advice on certain roadblocks. Tim was always there to lend an ear and offer advice. We love our Sako so much we decided to order another Wildrose lab and picked her up on December 5th  2014. Wow what a difference between the two, Darby certainly has a mind of her own, but seems to have an exceptional drive to retrieve.


People ask why we traveled all the way to Mississippi to get a Black Lab with all of the breeders here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but we feel Wildrose offers the whole package as a kennel. Not only do they offer dogs with exceptional bloodlines, but professional trainers that respond to any questions you may have in a very timely fashion. Great dogs, and great people to deal with.

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