Adventure Dogs in the Ozarks

“Prepared to Go Anywhere”

The Wildrose Adventure Dog Workshop is an outdoor canine experience that has proven popular in the Rocky Mountain communities of Vail, Aspen and Buena Vista in past years. Now, for the first time the workshop is being offered in the South. Wildrose brings its Adventure Dog Workshop to the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, March 28, 29.


The March workshop will be held at the Wildrose training facility on the Little Buffalo River, Jasper, Arkansas. (See Activities will include kayaking, hiking, trail assistance, hunting sheds, fishing (small-mouth bass and bream), mountain biking, and camping skills. Advance registration is imperative to our planning and for lodging (unless the plan is to camp). Enrollment is limited and the best lodging will be in high demand on this spring weekend. See


Back Story

In the summer of 2011 Wildrose Kennels officially launched its Adventure Dog Certification program. Preceding this launch in 2007, Mike had developed a training program for outside canines after an outing in Aspen, CO, where he saw the need for a formal training program for the canine enthusiast.  Out on the mountain trails Stewart observed dogs’ behavior problems and people’s need for better obedience and skill training.  He recalls, “I realized there are people out there who are interested in having a better trail dog, a better relationship with their dogs, and a happier dog on the trail.”

So, Mike founded the Wildrose Adventure Dog program for dog lovers with an active outdoor lifestyle. A Wildrose Adventure Dog is trained as the perfect canine companion for a family’s sporting lifestyle, prepared to go anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

The Adventure Dog training curriculum enables the dog to meet certification requirements by supporting the sub-skills required for 14 different outside canine adventure activities, called merits:  Hiking, Watercraft, All Terrain Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Travel, Tracking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Snow Trekking, Hunting Sports/Retrieving, Trail Assistance, Public Access, Equestrian, and Aircraft.  Each merit serves to advance the dog toward three progressive ratings: (TR) Trail Rated – 5 merits completed; (ADC) Adventure Dog Certified – 9 merits completed, including public access; and ( MT)  Master Trekker – 12-14 merits completed.

March Course Prerequisites

A participating canine may be from any breed. The dog enrolled in this class should have a basic foundation in general obedience; possess the physical ability to participate in high-impact exercises and the maturity/social skills/aptitude to confront new situations with confidence. General obedience includes proficiency in heel work, sit, remote stay, down, come, and be well socialized with people and different situations. This is excellent training for gundogs and service companions to hone skills, stay in shape and gain confidence in new, challenge situations.

The upcoming Wildrose Adventure Dog Workshop will provide training necessary for specific merits that participants and their companions may complete. The workshop will be highly interactive and merits earned will be awarded at the workshop’s conclusion.

Adventure Dog Program participants have additional options to receive merit accreditation by completing the designated training and achievements for merit awards on their own and then submitting the activities by video to Wildrose, attending any of the Wildrose workshops located across the country and demonstrating accomplished skills for verification, or scheduling a visit to any of the Wildrose associate training sites throughout the U.S. and demonstrating the dog’s skills.

The Wildrose Adventure Dog Certification diploma, along with the certification patches, denotes the dog’s achievement level and is suitable for display recognizing the canine’s official achievements.

Preregistration for the Adventure Dog Workshop is imperative!  Register today at  For further information, call Cathy at 662-234-5788 or email at

Live your passion – Wildrose Adventure Dogs

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