From The Field – Training the Wildrose Way

Meet Wildrose Alexandra of Curlon


Lexie, the offspring of Whiskey and Patsy, was born during Katrina. She and I have been training every day since I picked her up at six weeks of age. I began with simple obedience and retrieving using the “Wildrose Way” with the whistle. Today at the age of eight, she responds promptly to the sit or come whistle.

lexie2She is a certified Service Dog, has also competed in live hunts, tower shoots, basic/advanced obedience, Agility, Rally and Canine Nose Work. We visit a local assisted living facility as a Therapy Dog on the first Monday of each month. The residents’ faces light up as soon as they see her. We especially like to visit the patients in the Alzheimer unit. Several of them always discuss the dogs they had in their younger life.

Lexie also works as a designated retriever for a local hunt club during their Pheasant Tower Shoots. Since we have 1200 acres available for training, she has also had the opportunity to retrieve ducks, Chuckers, dove and Quail.


One day while we were hunting she pointed a bush full of doves. When I gave the flush signal, a dove flew by her face allowing her to catch it in her mouth. She promptly brought me the bird and as I opened my hands to determine the softness of her mouth, the bird flew away without even a broken feather.



Lexie and I have also been involved in “Nose Work” competition for the past 2 years. During this time we have earned 5 certifications and titles! I say “We” because learning to read your dog is the hardest test for the handler. This activity makes up for the times we cannot go hunting. These tests include four areas: containers (25 – 50 various bags or boxes), interiors, exteriors, and vehicles ( often multiple vehicles, including a tractor). During one interior test we had to search a five- room house in 3 minutes with one “Hide” taped to the float in the toilet tank. She successfully completed the search in 2 ½ minutes. If you do not have the areas to hunt, we recommend Nose Work as a substitute or during the off season.

For the dogs,

Gary and Lexie

(Gary Jarrett, Jacksonville, FL and Wildrose Lexie, Whiskey x Patsy)

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3 Responses to From The Field – Training the Wildrose Way

  1. emcgurk says:

    How do I find information on how to train for nose work

    • Gary Jarrett says:

      Mike, do you offer Nose Work training? If not the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), the AKC, and the UKC offer Nose Work training and titles.

  2. Gary Jarrett says:

    National Association for Canine Scent Work

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