The Shed Dog Whisperer


Wildrose has always been at the forefront of outdoor activity for dogs and their handlers. Beginning with the Gentleman’s Gundog and moving forward with the Adventure Dog program. And now it’s on to the Next Big Thing: shed hunting or hunting for dropped antlers. Well, truth be told, Mike Stewart has been using his dogs for shed hunting for some time now. In fact, some of his early training videos introduce this activity. But with the popularity of television hunting shows, this form of hunting has gained widespread popularity.


In addition, the meteoric rise of the Shed Dog Whisperer, Jeremy Moore, introduced many dog owners to this fun post-deer-hunting-season activity. With his line of products, Moore has equipped handlers to train their dogs to hunt shed. Currently, he offers a soft Dog Bone Retrieving Antler and Dog Bone Antler Scent for dog handlers to use in his easy, three-step training method. Located in Pulaski, Wisconsin, just a stone’s throw from Green Bay, a sub basin of Lake Michigan, Moore has been plying his trade for over a decade.

Moore and Stewart have a mutually beneficial association. Moore uses Wildrose dogs exclusively and identifies them as such when he works with outfitters or when he gives his popular workshops and demonstrations. Stewart introduces Wildrose clients to shed hunting and sells Moore’s products through the Wildrose Trading Company. Moreover, annually Moore custom trains three or four Wildrose dogs for clients, according to the Wildrose Way. Both he and Stewart train dogs to hunt shed in a similar manner as teaching quartering in upland bird hunting, after the dog has been taught to retrieve the scented, soft antler dummy.

Moore expanded his dog training regimen to include a program of animal recovery, tracking fallen game that have left no obvious trail for the hunter to follow. Moore has just developed new products to enable dog handlers to train for animal tracking, as well. More sophisticated than shed hunting, animal recovery can involve a number of elements, including animal blood, hair, scent in the air, ground disturbance and impressions, and inter-digital gland scent. Moore reported that he and his dogs recovered over a dozen deer this year that would have been lost without the services of a trained tracking dog.

Wildrose has many professional associations with a variety of individuals and organizations. The one with Moore is win-win.

Learn more about the Shed Whisperer at


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