Under New Management

Several months ago when the Stewarts had the opportunity of hiring a new manager for the Wildrose Trading Company, they sought a veteran in the pet retail business, a people person who would bring high standards of achievement to the job, someone with savvy in contemporary marketing techniques.

Enter Lauren Hinsman.  Energetic.  A self-starter. Assertive.  Personable. A social media enthusiast.  Organized.  A talented writer.  And a neatnik with a long resume of business success.

Lauren grew up in the Alabama, did her college work at Auburn, and launched herself into the world of business at an age when some grads are still drafting job application letters.  Soon she took her business acumen north—as in the upscale market of Camden, Maine—and quickly became known in the region as the go-to person on all questions dog.

During her stint at the helm of Destination Dog she was a frequent poster on the Wildrose Facebook page, not limiting her suggestions to the folks on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Neither did she limit herself to the Wildrose Facebook page.  Although she would cringe if someone called her a technogeek, Lauren participates in blogs on dog food and Land Rover and cooking.  She’s also a skilled digital photographer and Photoshop technician.

That just scratches the surface of this workaholic’s skills and interests, which include operating any size or type of landscaping power tool, to performing basic pet grooming and vet activities, to playfully offroading and comfortably handing firearms.  Lauren’s list of goals for pushing the Trading Company to a new level come from her several years of success at retail marketing.  Listening to her roll off business ideas, rapid fire, one understands what a dynamo has joined the Wildrose team.

And teamwork is a new, and pleasant, experience for Lauren.  An only child, she lived solo in college and then for years ran her own business.  Coming to Wildrose was truly joining a family operation—an extended family—where team members bonded closely with others across division lines (breeding, training, kennel operations, and administration).  While moving among so many folks was an adjustment, Lauren has grown to relish the team support system.  Never one to be pegged a shrinking violet, Lauren has developed close relationships with the strong personalities on the team.

In fairness it must be said that she hasn’t lived alone for lo these many years.  Her husband of seven years, Bill, was in fact a Wildrose fan for years before he met her.  He began receiving the Wildrose newsletter at its inception and has collected all of the issues.

As way leads on to way, Lauren first heard of Wildrose Kennels from Bill, when his eleven-year-old black lab, Bauer, was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died a few years ago.  When it came time for the Hinsmans to get a new dog, Lauren was ready to rescue one from a pound, but Bill prevailed upon her to take a look at Wildrose dogs.  Skeptical about getting a purebred from this highly touted place, Lauren visited the kennel with an attitude.  But it only took WR Whiskey and Mike Stewart’s dog-training skill and instantly Lauren knew the way to go: The Wildrose Way.  The rest of the story is the Hinsmans’ purchase of Eider, a two-year-old black male.

Lauren, WR Ben, WR Eider, and Bill Hinsman

Bill and Eider accompanied Lauren to Wildrose this year.  One of their after-hours pleasures is developing their training skills, Bill with Eider and Lauren with stud dog, WR Ben.  This is about as close as Lauren comes to leisure activity, although she also loves to cook.  However, she goes at that in a downright serious fashion, as well—Latin Amercan Fusion, Tex-Mex, and authentic Cuban.

Passionate about work, Lauren’s Monday’s are as happy as other folks’ Fridays.  What she liked most about living in New England was becoming immersed in the progressive community of pet owners that had a lifestyle with the dog was a family companion as well as a valuable tool for fieldwork.  Embracing this lived concept, Lauren fit perfectly for a move south and joining the Wildrose Way.

As the Trading Company manager, Lauren handles orders efficiently, packaging and sending merchandise on the day of order.  She also enjoys taking time to consult with clients regarding their concerns, especially canine nutrition.  She has developed an expertise in nutritional supplementation for dogs’ general health and well being.  Moreover, she has an educated opinion on any number of dog topics, such as spay-neuter protocols. (No pediatric neutering.  Better to wait until after sexual maturity.)

Understandably, in gaining Lauren Hinsman, the Stewarts and the Wildrose team feel as good as the Ole Miss baseball team does when it attracts a star-quality player.

Lauren and Bill Hinsman

Lauren and Bill Hinsman

To speak by phone with Trading Company Manager, Lauren Hinsman, call 662-234-5788.  For online shopping go to http://www.wildrosetradingcompany.com.

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  1. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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