Beginning Dog Handlers’ Workshop Photo Gallery

On March 16th and 17th Wildrose conducted the Beginning Dog Handlers’ Workshop. Thirty participants participated, traveling from all points on the compass, including from the far west and beyond (Idaho and Alaska), from the northeast to southeast, and from the lower and upper midwest.  Under Mike Stewart’s leadership the two days of training included basic obedience, walk-up exercises, and “safari” activities that included retrieving marks, lining for memory retrieves, and water retrieves.  Wildrose Associate Trainers and staff trainers assisted and English Partner Vic Barlow served ably as guest trainer.

The photo gallery below presents some of the events’ people, dogs, and action.  Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge them and scroll through a slide show of the pictures at your own pace.

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4 Responses to Beginning Dog Handlers’ Workshop Photo Gallery

  1. Sharlene says:

    What are the requirements for participation?

  2. Dale Barnes says:

    Great photos Ben. I will be looking forward to the photos of the advanced workshop

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