Cora Lee Lawrence’s Blog on WR Whiskey

On special occasions we are able to feature guest bloggers. Here’s a blog by Cora Lee Lawrence, Mike and Cathy Stewart’s niece.  Cora Lee resides in Oxford, Mississippi, attends Lafayette Elementary School and currently is in the 6th grade.  She recently won an essay contest, “I’m Proud to be an American.”  When Cora Lee visits Wildrose, she usually has Whiskey at heel as she checks on all the dogs and puppies.  Cora Lee’s dream is to become a veterinarian.  In her blog she describes this past Christmas Eve when Mike, Cathy, and WR Whiskey visited Cora Lee and her family.

WR Whiskey as Joseph in the Coat of Many Colors

Hi my name is Cora Lee Lawrence. My Aunt Cathy and my Uncle Mike own Wildrose Kennels. I learned how to train dogs at a young age. Of course my Uncle Mike taught me how too! Every Christmas Eve a dog from Wildrose comes to my house. His name is Whiskey. Every time I go to Wildrose Kennels I go see Whiskey. My Uncle Mike trained Whiskey very well., but of course he trains all the dogs well!!

I am always so excited when Whiskey comes on Christmas Eve! He is the best dog! He acts very good when he comes over to my house. I will just sit down by Whiskey and he will just lick me to death! Sometimes when we take a picture Whiskey will give me the biggest kiss. When we eat dinner Whiskey won’t try to get our food or anything, he will just lay down and be the best dog ever, which he is! Every year we dress him up to look like someone or something that has to do with Christmas. We always get a Christmas picture with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Cathy, and Whiskey.

I believe my Uncle Mike is the best trainer in the World and Whiskey is the best dog in the World! I love my Uncle Mike, Aunt Cathy, and Whiskey very much! I am very blessed to have such a loving family! I thank God very much for Mike and his outstanding skills to encourage others ,and I thank God for my Aunt Cathy and Whiskey also! God really made a talented man when he made my Uncle Mike. Mike astounds me with his work! That is why Christmas Eve is so super special at my house! J

Pictured below on Christmas Eve are Linsey Lawrence, WR Whiskey, and blogger, Cora Lee Lawrence.

Linsey Lawrence, Whiskey, and Cora Lee Lawrence

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