Something must be said. . . about Wildrose’s secret of success.

It’s Sunday morning and soon I have obligations to meet, but just briefly I must write a note about a view into Wildrose’s success that I was privileged to have.

Over the last half of the week and throughout the weekend six regional members of the WR brain trust gathered for daylight-to-late-night working sessions, field work, meals together, and socializing.  The half dozen Associate Trainers, veteran dog handlers and trusted operators of regional WR programs, came together—bringing mobile kennels full of a variety of fine WR dogs.  President Mike Stewart convened them with his Irish partner, Nigel Carville, who brought with him the latest imports, five Labradors with the classic British Isles’ bloodlines that have catapulted Wildrose to the top of the dog-breeding-and-training profession.

While the region prepares for a Tupelo appearance of “Celtic Woman,” the Irish singing sensation, WR had its own Emerald Isle treasure in Nigel, who has built his unequaled career in the UK by adhering to strict business principles of integrity and authentic soft-training practices with his dogs.  Some say that he’s also a quiet genius, who has wee bit of Irish luck.

In Mike Stewart one sees a leader with a keenly focused vision for developing the Wildrose lifestyle coupled with a knack for designing an organizational structure without equal.  This team worked intensively each day, covering all aspects of the business from the smallest details of consistency in training plans to the boldest vision for the company’s future.  The bright ideas and the shrewd common sense that these folks brought to the discussions were inspiring.

The V.P., Cathy Stewart, was ever-present, handing out business forms, making fact-filled presentations on issues of supply-and-demand, and in the evenings hosting a dinner table spread with luscious home-cookin’.  Behind the scenes, of course, she also operated as the voice of Wildrose, answering the innumerable phone calls that come in every day.

The secret to Wildrose’s success turns out not to be a secret after all: It’s the teamwork of talented people committed to working hard to attain the company’s worthy goals.  When time permits, I’ll write more about this.  For now, I’m off to Sunday services.  Have a good day!

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4 Responses to Something must be said. . . about Wildrose’s secret of success.

  1. puppymint says:

    nice work dad. go Stillers!!

  2. Joseph And Annetta Schleupner says:

    Ben I was wondering are these new Labradors going to be breeding this year at Wildrose? Cathy has us down for a female black Lab. and we did pick about 2 Sires we liked but feel comfortable knowing Cathy knows what would be good for us. To be very honest it is hard picking anyway because we know the remarkable bloodline and we feel very confident in our choice of Wildrose Kennels.

    • wrbenmac says:

      Annetta, the new sires will be worked into the breeding schedule in due time. Lanette, Mike, and Cathy will confer about the various mating options. Their objective is to match the best qualities of sires and dams. With the line up that we have it’s an embarrassment of riches. However, it takes time and we follow the seasons of our dogs.

      • Annetta Schleupner says:

        Thank You,
        We look forward to our trip there, my husband said the other day it is like waiting for an adopted child to be born.

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